Mechanical Design of Mobile Block Making Machines


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Easy Operating


All KNAUER-system egglayer / block macking machines are built on rigid frame desing in welded construction resulting in a high stiffness of the machine and producing high-quality products.




1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
2. Hydraulically activated ram locking
3. Infinitely variable time adjustment by potentiometer for
- hopper gate
- stamping interval (for production without overhead vibrators)
- demolding delay
4. Direct drive of wheels
5. Number of cycles per row and distance between layers are ajustable. Optional travel measuring allows automatic return to starting point.
6. Feed box movements can be adjusted with up to 4 different filling zones above the mold. Number of strokes in the zone can be adjusted by setting decade switch (0-9).
7. Pre-vibration adjustable in 1/10 sec. by setting decade switch. Optional pre-vibration start: point can be selected.
8. Display showing passing vibration time, number of strokes, distance driven between layers, and number of cycles completed.



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