Knauer offers a Variety of Egglayer / Block Making Machine Models


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Mould Dimensions

The KNAUER egglayer / block macking machine program offers maschines with mould widths of 1040 mm and 1290 mm. The mold depth varies between 550 mm and 1100 mm. KNAUER is able to offer a wide selection of options in order to adapt the maschine size to the desired product size; available mold heights: from 175 mm to 600 mm for standard maschines and up to 1200 mm for special maschines.


X 104

The X-104 egglayer / block macking machine is easy to operate and suitable for the production of special elements and concrete elements in small quantitys. This egglayer / block macking machine model is offered in three versions for different heights: 330 mm, 400 mm, 600 mm.



This egglayer / block macking machine is solid and productive. The COMPACT is suitable for the production of block elements up to a height off 330 mm. The stable, torsion-proof frame and the solid processing also enabel production under extreme climatic conditions.
Stone height: 175-330 mm



High capacity egglayer / block macking machine offered with semi- or fully automatic control. For the economical production of a wide range of products, f.e. hollow blocks and concrete blocks for landscaping.
Stone height: 175-500 mm



The egglayer / block making machine model STANDARD  can optionally be equipped with with a 2nd layer concrete silo or can be conctructed for higher block height. These and other options allow to produce a wide range of high quality products. Please ask for details.
Stone height: 175-600 mm

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