External Vibrators for Industries, i.e. Construction or Concrete

The range of external vibrators from Knauer Engineering includes normal frequency, high frequency and oscillating vibrators in various executions for applications in the construction and concrete industry as well as in other industries. Besides the proven vibrator system of Losenhausen, Knauer Engineering also offers now a considerably vibrator program for multi-purpose working areas.



Application in various industries

• Construction industry
• Industry of building materials
• Mining industry
• Chemical industry
• Packaging and food industry
• Mechanical engineering
• Quality inspection and quality assurance


Application techniques

• Compaction
• Transport
• Evacuation / emptying
• Screening / grading
• Draining
• Dosing
• Deaerate
• Distribution
• Sizing / sorting
• Dust collection
• Loosen up of bulk materials


Normal frequency vibrators

 External vibrators series R: product description

The compact design allows to generate high centrifugal forces and requires minimum space. This is often needed when used in machines. Range of applications are for example: Ram vibration vibration of block-making machines, vibrating tables, battery formwork.

 External vibrators series V: product description

The very robust design allows extremely high mechanical and electrical (Heat) loads, which occur in machines with e.g. very short cycle times. Fields of application are e.g.: Table vibration of block making and pipe machines, etc, knock out grates, Vibrating beams.

 External vibrators series A: product description

Due to elastic swivel joints on the mounting base of this series an elliptical almost linear force is being generated instead of a circular force of normal vibrators. Therefore for some applications this allows to use only 1 vibrator of this series instead of 2 normal vibrators. Fields of applications are for example: Vibrating troughs and screens, hopper vibration, shaking stations.

High frequency vibrators

 External vibrators series R-HF: product description

The high-frequency vibrators of this series must be operated on a frequency converter or inverter. If operated on a frequency inverter a speed adjustment can be realised with little effort. Suitable standard or custom made power supplies for the vibrators can be offered.



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