A system for the precise filling of concrete mixtures in special moulds



Frontside view                      Backside view


When concrete is filled in special moulds following comes to mind:
• shovels
• silos with bottom locking
• conveyor belt
• screw conveyor


None of these methods is ideal concerning the precision, the consistence and the cleaning.


The alternative is the Knauer Dosimat.


It consists of a feeding silo (volume according to the mixer volume), which is equipped with a special arranged vibrating device for an even discharge. From the feeding silo concrete will be transported by means of a vibrating channel into the moulds.


This kind of vibrating transport should be chosen as the channel guarantees a steady mass flow. The channel can transport directly into the mould and can moreover be adjusted axial and tangentially.


For difficult mould filling processes like f.e. thin wall substance, a separate filling funnel has been developed which can be installed behind the channel. This funnel is equipped with his own vibrating device and is mechanically separated from the channel.


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