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Abstract of the product range of testing tables


                        Overview of the vibration test tables from Knauer Engineering


Model VM

The electromechanical vibration system MINI for small loads and for a small price.
As part of the world wide used VIBROTEST - program the series VM has been developed for mobile use and is the ideal partner in the field of small device production.

Vibration test table model VM  Power supply for Vibration test table



Model VE

The electromechanical vibration system for medium load and with an attractive price.
The series VE was developed for the use in the electronic industries and is nowadays in use in all areas where economic testing of medium loads is needed.


                                       Vibration test table model VE



Model VS

The electromechanical vibration system for increased load and general applications.
The series VS was developed for general applications in the industries and is nowadays in multifarious use.


                                    Vibration test table model VS 



Model VA

The electromechanical vibration system for high load up to palette size.
The series VA has been developed for applications in the field of high loads and is nowadays used especially for transportation simulation.

                Vibration test table model VA


                   Vibration test table model VA



Model 4W

The series 4W has been developed for applications where the test parameter as  frequency and accelerating strain of the test specimen has to be regulated very accurately (e.g. the automobile industry).
This can be guaranteed due to the 4-shaft-technology. The amplitude during operation can be adjusted between 0 and 100 %. With the corresponding feed-back of the test specimen (e.g. with the help of the VIBROCONTROL measuring equipment) the test parameter can be adjusted very precisely.


                                    Vibration test table model 4W


For the testing of critical components under corrosion conditions the series 4 W has been extended by this model.
The test sample can be covered by a special stainless steel hood, which is waterproof connected to the table surface by an expansion bellows.


Vibration test table model 4W  Vibration test table model 4W




For the testing of specimen under horizontal load. The direction of motion ( X or Y) can be pre-selected by a switch. The amplitude can be adjusted electrically, as is the case with all tables of this series.

Technical description
- horizontal sinusoidal motion in X- an Y-direction
- acceleration: 0 - 10 G
- frequency range:10 - 100 Hz
- max. load:300 kg
- clamping surface:1200 x 800 mm
- working level:700 mm
- suspensionby pendulum



                                  Vibration test table model 4W- HXY

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