Vibration Test

Vibrating Tables suitable for Testing and Quality Inspection of sensitive Components

The vibratingsystems are employed for simulation of stress created by mechanic vibrations on mechanical and electrical components and subassemblies with the following features:

Direction of oscillation: linear - horizontal (sinusoidal oscillation), adjustable by means of a selector. Either oscillation in x-axis or alternatively  in y-axis

Version A
Continous variation of test frequency and amplitude during operation of the test table possible.

usable area of the table:length: 1200 mm, width: 800 mm
test frequency:12 - 50 Hz
weight of test object:up to a maximum of 300 kg

acceleration at 50 Hz and maximum load: 10 g

Version B Continous variation of test frequency during operation of the test table possible.

Adjustment of amplitude during standstill possible.

usable area of the table:length: 300 mm, width: 300 mm
frequency of testsystem:15 - 100 Hz
maximum weight of test object: 10 kg

The VIBROTEST oscillating systems stand for practically oriented and consistent realization of

  • Reliability- and fatigue testing

  • Quality assurance

  • Transport simulation

  • Resonance analysis

  • Environment simulations

The VIBROTEST program consists of a numerous of reliable standard systems, as well of special systems, which have been developed due to requirements of our clientele.
These customer specific solutions like designs for special or very big or difficult test specimens, electrical adjustment of the displacement or high accelerations over a big frequency range are our strength.

However we are bound to the following physical limits:

Max. table size:3000 x 4000 mm
Max. load:15.000 kg
Frequency range:10 - 100 Hz
Max. acceleration:20 g
Max. displacement:25 mm
Type of motion:vertical, horizontal, circular and combinations

The physical interdependence of some criterions makes it impossible to reach all shown limits at the same time.
Being your competent partner in the field of vibration engineering, we offer qualified consultancy and extensive servicing in relation to our systems.

Software (optional)

VIBROCONTROL is the standard software for the VIBROTEST oscillating systems. This menu-guided and self-explaining software with intelligent functions for all your tasks will support you when dealing with measuring, signal handling, test preparation and with the online frequency control of the VIBROTEST system.

The VIBROCONTROL software is a practice-oriented program for:

  • Operation and control of the VIBROTEST-Systems

  • Calculation of the plausibility of test conditions as well as their graphic display

  • Calculation of the settings of the vibrator motors (adjustment of the unbalances) as well as the graphic display

The practice-oriented software VIBROCONTROL can be used on all current computer-systems like:

System demands

  • Windows 95, 98, 98SE
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP Professional oder Windows XP Home Edition
  • Windows 7

For the use of an acceleration sensor a serial interface or a USB connection is necessary.

Menu: Operation, calculation and plausibility.
Collection of measuring data with special acceleration sensors at the oscillating system (optional)

Menu: Acceleration sensor
- Upload of  prepared test-parameter

- Export of the test-records for the documentation or further exploitation (e.g. Microsoft EXCEL)

- Print out of the test-parameter and the measuring graphs (frequency graph and/or acceleration graph)

Contact Person

In terms of questions in the area of testing tables please contact:

Peter Ortmann
 08171 - 6295-24