Reliability and Fatigue Testing by Knauer Engineering

Reliability and fatigue testing
In many different areas products have to be tested concerning their reliability and their fatigue life.
One example is the fatigue testing of a specimen according to specific standards:

Frequency: Sweep around known system resonance
Displacement: according to the expected or measured stress
Duration:approx. 106 changes

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Picture on the right: KNORR, Munich:

  • Reliability and fatigue testing by VIBROTEST - A
  • In house testing of brake systems for rail cars

Quality assurance

In compliance with effective quality assurance within the scope of EN ISO 9000 ff. industrial devices are tested for example according to IEC 68/2-6 Kap.5 Tab. 1,2,5 at practice relevant frequencies:

Frequency: 10 - 55/100 Hz
Displacement: 0,3 mm
Duration:45 min


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Picture on the right: PILZ, Ostfildern:

  • Quality assurance by VIBROTEST - E and VCS - measuring equipment
  • Testing of prototypes and samples in house

Transport simulation

In current applications transportation stress is simulated for example according to specific standards as IEC 50 A, IEC 68/2-6 Kap.5 Tab. 1, 2, 5 or DIN 55439:

Frequency: 2 - 8 Hz  (IEC 50 A)    10 - 55/100 Hz  (IEC 68-2)
Displacement:22,5 mm  (IEC 50 A)0,7 mm  (IEC 68-2)
Duration:30 min105 min


Using DIN 55439 a testing time of 10-40 min. is equivalent to a distance of 1000 km.

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Picure on the right:BOSCH-SIEMENS, Berlin:

  • Transportation simulation by VIBROTEST
  • Testing of household appliances in house

Contact Person

In terms of questions in the area of testing tables please contact:

Peter Ortmann
 08171 - 6295-24