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KNAUER ENGINEERING is a company working in the field of engineering and development of special machines with its own production facilities. Its wide range of products offers custom-made planning to all kinds of users in the construction sector such as concrete plants in particular.

KNAUER ENGINEERING develops and produces high-grade manufacturing systems as well as durable and reliable machinery: e.g. external vibrators and vibrating tables, concrete block making machines, concrete block moulds as well as control systems for a wide range of application.

In addition KNAUER ENGINEERING provides a number of services like production planning, problem definition and reconstruction in the entire sector of vibration technique and control technique. Referred to vibration technique, the company's main task is to advise on the production of high-quality and high-grade concrete elements.


Our Services and Support

Beside our excellent products, services are a matter of special importance to Knauer Engineering. Presale and aftersale we provide an optimum support. Sort of fulfillment and specific to the costumer needs. Thus an optimum profitability, efficiency and last but not least a long product life could be ensured.

Our contacts

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Dominik Rensch

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The company was founded in 1987 as an engineering company. At the beginning the production was focused on high quality Vibration Systems and customized solutions in the large field of concrete compaction.
Later Vibration Systems for Testing, f.e. for  Quality assurance, Fatigue testing, etc., were added to the production program.

During its establishment the company could fall back on the decades of experience of the company KNAUER Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which was internationally active in the area of the production of small-sized concrete products and where they also developed efficient vibration systems for special applications. The wealth of experience of the KNAUER Maschinenfabrik benefited the young company at the further developments, in particular on the product scale.

In the course of the extension of the business activity the vibration program of the company Losenhausen could be acquired, which was high-estimated by the manufacturers of different concrete products. Losenhausen as a well-known pioneer for the development of universal compaction facilities in the concrete industry gave with its know-how in the area of the vibration technology the company KNAUER Engineering an important impulse for a fast expansion of the sales. The young company KNAUER Engineering was very fast inquired for special problem solutions.

Today the constant development in the area of the vibration technology and particularly for efficient vibration exciters is supported by a close co-operation with research institutes and by own developments.
The thereby attained specialized knowledge around the vibration technology is well-known and estimated in the branch. Lectures in specialized committees and publications in technical periodicals promoted the name of the company. Various performance requirements of the building material industry are a condition for development and growth of the KNAUER Engineering.

Beyond that KNAUER ENGINEERING is valued as a competent problem settler also in the refractory industry, the foodstuffs industry and for testing and inspecting applications in the electro-technology and automotive industry.