Technical Data

Series R

The compact design allows to generate high centrifugal forces and requires minimum space. This is often necessary when used in machines. Fields of application are e.g.: Ram vibration of block making, vibrating table, battery formworks.

Series V

The very robust design allows extremely high mechanical and electrical (Heat) loads, which occur in machines with e.g. very short cycle times. Fields of application are e.g.: Table vibration of block making and pipe machines, etc. knock out grates, vibrating beams.

Series A Pendulum vibrators

Due to an elastic swivel joint on the mounting base of this vibrator series an elliptical, almost linear force is being generated instead of the circular force of normal vibrators. For some applications this allows to use only one vibrator of this series instead of two normal vibrators. Fields of application are e.g.: Vibrating troughs and screens, bunker vibration, shaking stations.

  • Supply voltage:
    from 42 V to 690 V, 50 and 60 Hz vailable.
  • Number of poles:
    2-, 4-, and 6-pole versions. 8-pole versions on request.
  • Protection Class and Thermal Class:
    up to IP 66 ; F (155°C) according to DIN EN 0034-1.
  • Mode of operation:
    Continuous (S1) and discontinuous operation at 100% centrifugal force.
  • Thermal overload protection:
    PTC resistors 120°C for all vibrators available on request.

  • Colours coating:
    Standard colour RAL 1007. Other colours available on request.

  • Ambient temperature limit:
    -15 to +40°C, other temperature ranges available on request.

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For questions about the product range "External vibrators", please contact

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