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Block Making Machine for Paving Tiles, Concrete Slabs and similar Concrete Elements

The market for paving tiles, concrete slabs and similar concrete elements demands more and more often individual designs for single customers / projects. The manufacturing of the samples however is more and more difficult, due to the fact that the mass production machines are working to capacity most of the time and a changeover is time intensive and therefore expensive. To be able to meet the increased requirements for the individual samples it is necessary to have a machine just for the production of samples.

The quality of the samples thereby has to be certainly of the same high quality as the products of the mass production machines. Due to the size of a laboratory machine it is very difficult to integrate all the functions of a mass production machine, which are necessary to achieve the high quality standards, in such a small machine. This could be realised for the first time with the KNAUER Sample / Laboratory machine.

Video Stationary Block making machine - Laboratory Block making machine

Vibrating table

To achieve an optimal compaction it is necessary to have a strong table vibration and a so called ?brace  table?. The brace table causes shocks, which are absolutely necessary for the high strength requirements of paving tiles and similar concrete products.  The brace table of the laboratory machine is adjustable to be able to be adapted to the specific adjustment of the mass production machine.

As a matter of course the frequency and the amplitude of the vibration are adjustable as well.

Ram vibration and ram pressure

The ram vibration allows a best possible compaction. Besides the possibility to adjust the frequency and the amplitude of the ram vibration it is possible to change the hydraulic pressure of the ram.

Pneumatic mould clamping

The pneumatic mould clamping assures that the mould is elastically suspended during vibration to allow the necessary movements, but prevents at the same time uncontrolled big movements.


The machine can be easily operated by the central operating panel. The positions of the ram, the mould, the mould clamp and of the ram lock are being shown by indicating lamps. The time for the pre-vibration, the intermediate ram stamping and the final compaction, as well as the frequency for the ram and table vibration can be stored in the operating panel.

Functional description

The machine can be operated in a manual and a semi-automatic mode:

Manual mode:
The manual mode is necessary for the set up of the machine and allows the execution of the individual functions by a press of a button, meaning that the function is being executed as long as the respective button is being pushed.

Semi-automatic mode:
After the manual filling of the mould the pre-vibration can be started by pushing the button ?Pre-vibration?. When the time is up, which was pre-set in the operating panel, the vibration stops automatically.  
After re-filling the mould it is possible to optionally execute the intermediate ram stamping by pushing the respective button. Hereby the ram gets lowered and the vibration gets started when the ram hits the material. Also here the vibration gets stopped automatically by a pre-set timer and the ram raises back to the basic position.

After filling the mould with the face mix the final compaction can be started. In common with the intermediate ram stamping the ram gets lowered and the vibration starts. The turning-off of the vibration can happen either by a timer or by reaching the pre-set block height. When the vibration stops the ram will be locked in position by 2 ram brakes and the mould will be automatically raised. When the blocks are completely de-moulded the ram also gets raised automatically.    

Now the pallet with the blocks can be removed and a new pallet can be placed into the machine. By pushing the respective button the mould will be lowered onto the pallet and the machine is ready for the next cycle.


In the basic version all necessary functions for the production of high quality concrete elements are given. The machine is designed in that way that additional functions, like e.g. automatic filling, can be upgraded.

In addition to this it is easily possible to adapt the production process of the machine to special customer circumstances by changing the PLC program. To verify that the compaction parameters of the laboratory machine are comparable with the mass production machine, a comparison measurement can be optionally offered.


Stationary block making machine KS 250

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