Production Pallet

Production Pallet for Concrete Manufaturing Plant by Knauer Engineering

The field of production for special medium-sized pre-cast concrete parts has increased according to the requests for out-of-the ordinary products. The job-oriented developed moulds demand, most of the time, a manual production and are only conditionally suitable for automatic production.

If the production wants to react flexible to customer requirements and at the same time wants to be efficient and profitable, a production line has to be developed which allows to use different moulds on one line and with automatic transport of the moulds between the different stations.

The production pallet will be:

  • picked up by the forks of the transport unit and will then be transported in horizontal and vertical direction
  • transported horizontally by the conveyor belt
  • hydraulically clamped to the vibrating table
  • constrained in the multi-function station
  • disposed into the storage racks

Contact person

For questions about the product range "Special machines", please contact

Peter Ortmann
 08171 - 6295-24