Block Making Machine Model Compact

This egglayer / block making machine is solid and productive. The COMPACT is suitable for the production of block elements up to a height off 330 mm. The stable, torsion-proof frame and the solid processing also enabel production under extreme climatic conditions.

Technical Data: 
Usable mould dimensions:1274 x 1100 mm
Product height:175 -  500 mm
Hopper capacity:1200 l
Machine dimensions:approx.  L 3300 x W 2263 x H 3345 mm
Track width:1453 mm
Connected load:approx. 17 kW
Tank capacity of hydraulic unit:        30 l
Nominal pressure:180 bar
Hydraulic pump motor:4 KW
Type of operation:electrically/hydraulically
Control system:semi-automatic / automatic

Improvement List

Control System

Reliable control unit (Picture: semi-automatic version) for the precise control of the motion. Programming is possible according to desires of the client without programming unit.

Inductive Limit Switches

Contactless, space saving and wear resistant limit switches guarantee a secure and precise switching function.

Control Panel

The control panel is easy to operate and was specially designed for the environment of concrete plants.


Reliable, state of the art HAWE-hydraulic unit (picture: semi-automatic version).

Security Standard

High security standards in regards to working reliability and accident prevention.

Frequency Inverter

The use of frequency inverters enables a smooth starting and braking of the motors and vibrators.


Machines for the efficient production of concrete elements

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