Mounting Instructions

Can be mounted in any position. Mounting surface must have smoothness of Rz 25 and eveness of 0,1 mm (no Paint!). Use screws with grade 8.8 and nuts with grade 6. Do not use any washers, spring washers or other lockwashers. Only tighten with torque wrench:

M8= 22,6 Nm
M10= 45,1 Nm
M12= 78,5 Nm
M16= 191 Nm
M20= 378 Nm
M24= 647 Nm

When tightening without safety lock retighten after 15 minutes of operation. Afterwards check several times until they can not be retightened any more.

When tightening with safety lock (e.g. Loctite) we recommend to use, up to M10 a 20%, and above M10 a 20% to 30% increased tightening torque.

  • Electric connection: The external vibrators are being equipped with oscillation-safe, highly flexible cable for heavy duty. When replacing also use oscillation-safe, highly flexible cable with abrasion-resistant outer coating. Run cable in a big loop to avoid any rubbing marks. Close the terminal box carefully to avoid humidity and dust from entering. Use the mounted rubber sleeve.
  • Operation with frequency inverter: All vibrator types are suitable for use with frequency inverter. The dimensioning of the frequency inverter depends not only on the electrical power of the vibrator, but also on the increased start up current. If you want to run above the nominal rpm, please contact us prior.

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