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External Vibrators with Quality Advantages - by Knauer Engineering

Solid, robust housings of one piece. Depending on the design and the planned application the housings are made out of nodular graphite cast iron, grey cast iron or die cast aluminium.

The unbalancing weights can be continuously adjusted from 0 to max. force. Good visible scales guarantee a quick and precise adjustment on both sides of the vibrator. Overall an easy and quick process.

Housing and terminal box are cast in one piece for heavy duty applications. Part of the delivery is a special cable with antikink rubber sleeve. In addition a strain relief within the terminal board protects the cable connection.

The vibrators are principally equipped with strong dimensioned bearings with increased load bearing capacity and increased bearing clearance. The bearing brackets are very solid which assures a secure and and durable transfer of the centrifugal force. Both together guarantees a reliable and a long-lasting product.

The winding of the vibrating motors are always dimensoned generously. This guarantees more then enough power for the centrifugal force which has to be generated. To assure absolute vibration resistance the winding ends are bandaged and vacuum soaked and the channels are sealed with channel wood.

The mounting base of the extremal vibrators were designed fairly high. This allows fastening with long screws, which have a sufficent stretch lenght to guarantee a durable vibration resistant mounting.

For the use of vibrators in 'battery' formworks or in other tight spaces very small housing executions are available.

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