Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press with vibrating dies for the production of insulating boards

At the production of insulating boards made out of light and fragile materials it is indispensable to vibrate the material during the pressing operation. Only thereby a homogenous distribution of the particles in the board can be guaranteed. Additionally it must be pressed evenly from both sides, which can only be achieved by a synchronous movement of the bottom and top die.

The challenge of this plant was to enable the high forming pressures of 70 t per die simultaneously with the vibration of the die. In addition a positioning accuracy of 0,1mm for the dies had to be kept in order to meet the high requirements of the final product.

Technical Data 
Board size:max. 1250 x 1250 mm
Board thickness:depends on compaction ratio
Filling height:750 mm
Cycle time:25 seconds
Speed of dies:      max. 0,7 m/s
Vibration frequecy:max. 50Hz
Electrical Connection:     120KW

For the execution as vibrating dies a high design and manufacturing effort was needed. (Image 2)

To achieve the high speeds of the dies on one hand and the high compaction pressure on the other, it was necessary to have two hydr. low pressure pumps and one hydr. high pressure pump. (Image 3)