Mechanical Design of Mobile Block Making Machines

Easy Operating

All KNAUER-system egglayer / block macking machines are built on rigid frame desing in welded construction resulting in a high stiffness of the machine and producing high-quality products.

  • 1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • 2. Hydraulically activated ram locking
  • 3. Infinitely variable time adjustment by potentiometer for
    - hopper gate
    - stamping interval (for production without overhead vibrators)
    - demolding delay
  • 4. Direct drive of wheels
  • 5. Number of cycles per row and distance between layers are ajustable. Optional travel measuring allows automatic return to starting point.
  • 6. Feed box movements can be adjusted with up to 4 different filling zones above the mold. Number of strokes in the zone can be adjusted by setting decade switch (0-9).
  • 7. Pre-vibration adjustable in 1/10 sec. by setting decade switch. Optional pre-vibration start: point can be selected.
  • 8. Display showing passing vibration time, number of strokes, distance driven between layers, and number of cycles completed.


Machines for the efficient production of concrete elements

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