Types of Vibration

VT K Standard circle vibrator

An unbalanced shaft does create a circular movement of the table top which vibrates in vertical and horizontical direction.

Vibrationsschema Rütteltisch mit kreisförmiger Vibration

VT P Oscillating vibrators

The oscillating vibrator does create a linear movement ot the table top. The direction of power delivery is infinitely variable. Thus a specific transport effect on the table top is possible.

Vibrationsschema Rütteltisch mit eliptischer Vibration

VP L 2-Standard circle vibrators

Two unbalanced shafts which operate synchron and in opposite direction create a linear movement ot the table top. The result is a vertical directed harmonic motion (oscillation).

VP L 2-Standard circle vibrators


Two pairs of unbalance shafts, which are each operating synchronic and in opposite direction, generate 2 sinusoidal mechanical motions. The phases between the 2 motions can be adjusted between 0° and 180° during operations. This adjustment enables to change the displacement of the vibrating table between 0 and maximum.

Linear oscillation


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