External Vibrators Series A

External Vibrators Series A

Due to an elastic swivel joint on the mounting base of this vibrator series an elliptical, almost linear force is being generated instead of the circular force of normal vibrators. For some applications this allows to use only one vibrator of this series instead of two normal vibrators. Fields of application are e.g.: Vibrating troughs and screens, Bunker vibration, shaking stations.

Special Features are:

  • Centrifugal force from 2 kN to 39 kN
  • Speed* from 1500 RPM to 3000 RPM

* With inverter supply, any speed is possible


The graph on the right shows the working principle of the pendulum vibrator.

The special feature here is that the pendulum vibrator practically only transmits the tensile and compressive force to the mounting plate.

Application in various industries

  • Construction industry
  • Industry of building materials
  • Mining industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Packaging and food industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Quality inspection and quality assurance


Robust vibrators for various applications

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